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Since I’ve been having trouble pacing myself on the first mile, and because it was COLD this morning, I decided to hit the treadmill rather than the pavement this morning. While I ordinarily prefer to run outside, I was excited for my indoor run because it meant I could try out my new running top.

Image(Can you tell I like pink too?)

As I mentioned in my last post, this princess has a running budget.  To make the most of it, I try to invest in quality items when necessary (for me, a great sports bra is worth every penny) and save when I can.  When I saw this sleeveless v-neck top at Target, I thought the color would work perfectly with my favorite pair of shoes and other items I already owned.  When I saw it was under $10, I definitely had to try it out.

After an easy 5K this morning, I can say that it held up very well.  The material is very light and breathable and I never noticed any discomfort during my run. While the shirt doesn’t have the amazing moisture-wicking properties that you find in top-of-the-line running gear, it also doesn’t have a top-of-the-line price tag.  For me, I think it will be perfect for shorter and/or low-key runs, where extended comfort isn’t critical.

I’d love to hear your tips for making the most of your running budget.  How do you decide when to save and when to splurge?

♥ & pixie dust – LV


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