countdown: 50 weeks to go!

As of today, the 6th anniversary of Disney’s Princess Half Marathon is 50 weeks away.  At this point, it seems so far away, but on the flip side, that means I have plenty of time to prepar

Yesterday I volunteered at a four miler sponsored by my local running store, the Four Courts Four Miler.  It’s a St. Patrick’s Day-themed race with a brutal hill on the back end, and people get pretty into the theme.

Pacers Four Courts Four Miler
(photo courtesy of Pacers Running Stores)

I’ve only recently gotten back into running, and the furthest I’ve gone is just over three miles.  I feel strong for the first half of my runs, but by the time I hit three miles, it’s like hitting a wall. I definitely did not feel ready for a four mile race, especially since I’ve done very little (okay, practically no) hill work.

Volunteering was a great way to share the enthusiasm of the runners, get to know my local running community a bit better, and get inspired.  I love road races, and I would really like to add some to my calendar sooner rather than later.  It’s so much easier to run fast and run far under race conditions.

Following the race, I put in a solid three miles – the first 2.5 on pavement and the last 0.5 at a local track.  I’d never been to the track before and it was packed on the sunniest afternoon DC has seen in months.  It was great to see so many people of very different fitness levels committed to their health.  I had initially intended to run four, but again hit that three mile wall and walked the last mile home.

Instead of trying to make a one mile jump when I’m struggling at three, I think today I’ll try for 3.25.  One of the beautiful things about planning for a race that is so far out is that I can afford to take baby steps in increasing my distance.  Even if I only add a quarter-mile to my longest distance each week, I’ll hit 13.1 in plenty of time. (Of course, that’s easy to say now – it assumes that I’ll stick with my training, but that’s where you come in.  I hope you’ll keep me honest!)

On that note, I’m going to lace up my shoes to make the most of our unseasonably warm weather.  After bracing for a snowstorm that never materialized on Thursday and seeing flurries on my Friday morning run, it’s amazing that yesterday I didn’t need gloves or a scarf and today I’ll just be in a light fleece.

How’s the weather where you live? Do you dread winter workouts on the treadmill, or are you happy indoors?

♥ & pixie dust – LV


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