first things first

I want to dive in, but I thought I should introduce myself first.  I’m Laura – a twenty-something working girl/princess-in-training.  I live in the nation’s capital with my amazing husband and our sweet pup. I wanted to create this blog to serve as a resource for interested in Disney’s Princess Half Marathon.  Whether you’ve just started toying with the idea of registering or you’re already clocking in 50 miles a week, welcome!  Selfishly, I’m also hoping that updating the blog, and hopefully getting to know some other princesses-in-training, will help keep me on track.  Thanks for joining me! 

♥ & pixie dust – LV


About thisprincessruns

training for and dreaming of Disney's 2014 Princess Half Marathon
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2 Responses to first things first

  1. S says:

    Love the countdown on the side! I did the Princess Half last month and LOVED it! My friend and I are already planning our return next year. It was such a blast!

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